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Nissan Note Gearbox Repair

Nissan Note Gearbox Repair

Nissan Note Gearbox Repair by Stephens Engineering

A 2006 Nissan Note gearbox repair has recently been carried by Stephens Engineering.

A 2006 Nissan Note was brought into the workshop with a gear slip in fourth gear. The Nissan Note fourth gear slip was the result of worn sealing rings within the clutch drum. The Nissan Note had covered more than 100,000 miles and the Nissan Note automatic transmission components were at the end of their useful life. The Nissan Note gearbox required a complete overhaul; the bushes and clutches were beyond repair. At Stephens Engineering, we are able to manufacture replacement bushes. The gearbox was overhauled and new bushes were fitted to the transmission unit. The worn out components were replaced. In addition, the torque converter and solenoids were replaced to the automatic transmission unit of the Nissan Note and the Nissan’s tolerances were put back to their original clearances.¬† At Stephens Engineering, we carry out a long road test to ensure that the fault had been resolved and then a leak check proved that the Nissan Note was performing well.

At Stephens Engineering, we have many years of experience in repairing automatic transmissions and the manufacture of replacement components. Contact Stephens Engineering to book your vehicle now.

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