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Ford Automatic Gearbox Servicing

Ford Automatic Gearbox Servicing

Stephens Engineering are automatic gearbox specialists and are experienced in Ford automatic gearbox servicing.

With over 50 years automatic transmission experience, Stephens Engineering are the automatic gearbox repair and servicing experts.

Whilst some vehicle manufacturers do not provide a recommendation regarding servicing intervals, in our experience, we recommend a gearbox service every 40,000 miles for automatic transmissions. Automatic transmissions create fine particles of metallic dust which over time will contaminate and degrade the capabilities of the transmission fluid.

With an automatic vehicle “topping up” the oil is more complex than simply popping up the car bonnet. The service team at Stephens Engineering are experienced and knowledgeable so that your vehicle’s gearbox service can also highlight issues of wear and potential problems within the transmission unit. Some automatic vehicles have internal filters fitted within the transmission unit that cannot be accessed without dismantling the transmission unit. Most of the fine dust particles will however be removed with a fluid change.

Lubrication in the transmission unit is a problem with the Ford PowerShift transmission. The Ford PowerShift is a semi-automatic six-speed dual clutch transmission.The Ford PowerShift transmissions have internal and external filters. The internal transmission filters are only accessible when the transmission has been fully dismantled. The first symptoms of problems within the transmission are the appearance of transmission performance fault codes. The transmission performance fault codes are triggered because the filters within the transmission block and collapse. Unfortunately, at this stage, the entire gearbox will need re-building.

Keep motoring with regular automatic transmission servicing. Contact Stephen Engineering for thorough, knowledgeable Ford automatic gearbox servicing in Ware.

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