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BMW 320 Sport Gearbox Repair

BMW 320 Sport Gearbox Repair

It’s all been about BMW 320 Sport gearbox repair in the Stephens Engineering workshop recently.

The automatic gearbox repair specialists in Ware at Stephens Engineering are experienced and knowledgeable about the BMW ZF eight speed gearbox. Both of the ZF eight speeds BMW 320 Sport were brought into the working having completely lost drive. The milage for both of the BMW 320 vehicles was under 70,000 miles.

Each BMW 320 Sport was scanned for electrical malfunction. After carrying the diagnostic scan, no faults were discovered apart from the expected ratio error. The ZF 8 speed gearboxes were removed and dismantled. The first ZF transmission was found to have forward clutch drum problems and wear to the bushes which is to be expected. The BMW transmission unit was then washed and rebuilt in the workshop. In addition, this particular BMW 320 Sport was the x-Drive which is a full-time all-wheel drive system. The transfer box unit was also examined and this revealed that the BMW’s main shaft was 90% worn through. We discussed our finding with the BMW owner and with his authority replaced the badly worn main shaft. The transmission was then reassembled and the fault codes cleared. The BMW was then subject to a thorough long road test which confirmed the ZF transmission repair had been successful.

The second BMW 320 Sport was rear wheel drive only. The BMW was brought into the workshop  and the ZF transmission was dismantled and cleaned.  On first inspection there was no apparent breakage however our further detailed investigation found that the inner splines of one planet assembly had completely sheared within the transmission unit. This required a new shaft and replacement of the planet gears in the ZF transmission.  We overhauled the rest of the BMW automatic gearbox and tested all solenoids. The torque converter was also overhauled as a result of the metal contamination.  The repaired ZF transmission was then installed and fault codes cleared. With a  long road test proving all was now well with the rear drive BMW 320 Sport.

For BMW 320 Sport gearbox repair and servicing contact Stephens Engineering, the auto transmission experts.

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