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Nissan Automatic Gearbox Servicing

Nissan Automatic Gearbox Servicing

Servicing an automatic transmission is important to maintain the integrity of your vehicle’s performance. Stephens Engineering are automatic gearbox specialists and provide Nissan automatic gearbox servicing in Ware.

Although many vehicle manufacturers do not specify or recommend a service frequency. In our experience, however, to maintain performance and prolong the working life of your vehicle regular automatic gearbox servicing is essential. For vehicles with an automatic transmission, we recommend servicing at 40,000 miles or below.

Servicing automatic gearboxes includes checking and changing the transmission fluid. The transmission fluid over time will degrade, losing its efficacy. The accumulation of fine metallic dust particles from the movement of metal against metal within the transmission unit also builds up over time. Changing the transmission fluid will remove the majority of the fine dust particles.

Both Nissan Juke and the Nissan Qashaqi automatic transmissions have internal and external filters. Good lubrication is crucial. The internal filters can be changed without fully dismantling the transmission, however, changing the transmission fluid will remove most of the contaminating dust particles. When the filters in the transmission block and collapse, the symptom is the transmission performance fault code. This could result in the necessity for a complete re-build of the Nissan gearbox.

Lubrication problems with the Nissan transmission are a manufacture issue. Bushes and bearings fail within the automatic transmission unit because of insufficient lubrication to certain components.  Sometimes this can be due to leaks from the gearbox oil cooler or from internal oil loss.

When we rebuild the Nissan Juke transmissions and the Nissan Qashqai transmissions, we modify the casings to help alleviate these failures and prevent oil loss from the transmission unit. The life blood of an automatic gearbox  is cooler flow of fluid.  Automatic gearbox fluid has changed and advanced dramatically over the years. Most automatic gearbox fluids are now are fully synthetic with special blends for stop-start and c.v.t transmissions. We recommend using the best fluids for your vehicle and changing the fluid every 40,000 miles or earlier.

Contact Stephens Engineering Nissan automatic gearbox servicing. Stephens Engineering provide thorough and knowledgeable servicing expertise for Nissan automatic gearboxes.

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