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Volvo Powershift Gearbox Repair

Volvo Powershift Gearbox Repair

Contact transmission specialists Stephens Engineering for Volvo Powershift gearbox repair.

The Volvo Powershift transmission utilises a dual clutch system. With a dual clutch gearbox there is no loss of power when changing gear as the gearbox pre-select the next gear for smooth gear changing without loss of power.

The Volvo Powershift gearbox can display a limited performance fault code and this fault code message often appears after a run at higher speeds. This transmission fault code is normally caused by a lack of transmission oil circulation. The Powershift gearbox has two fluid filters. One fluid filter can be changed from the outside of the transmission unit and the second is within the dual clutch assembly. The outer fluid filter should always be changed at 38,000 mile intervals. Without changing the outer fluid filter at regular intervals, debris clogs the internal fluid filter. A clogged fluid filter within the internal dual clutch assembly causes slip when changing gear and overheating. When this occurs, a Volvo Powershift gearbox repair is required. The Powershift transmission needs to be rebuilt for an effective transmission repair.

Stephens Engineering are transmission repair specialists. For Volvo Powershift gearbox repair in Ware, contact the automatic gearbox experts, Stephens Engineering.

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