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Range Rover Auto Gearbox Repair

Range Rover Auto Gearbox Repair

Stephens Engineering in Ware are Range Rover auto gearbox repair specialists with over 50 years experience repairing automatic transmissions.

In the Stephens Engineering workshop, with our extensive knowledge and experience, we recognise the symptoms of possible transmission failure and have the diagnostic skills to interpret Range Rover fault codes.

One of the common symptoms for the earlier Range Rovers is a loss of drive. After turning the Range Rover off for 10 minutes, the drive returns. In the Range Rovers with the five speed General Motors gearbox, the loss of drive is the result of a failure of the clutch lining inside the torque converter. This in turn causes the faulty plate to grind against the bottom of the torque converter. As the plate grinds against the bottom of the torque converter, fine metal dust and metal debris is created. The metal debris then blocks and sticks to the valve body and solenoids of the transmission unit. The Range Rover transmission unit will need to be overhauled to rectify the fault and repair the gearbox.

During an overhaul of the Range Rover gearbox, it is essential that all debris is flushed out from the cooler lines and it may also be necessary to change the cooler fluid. To eliminate the failure of clutch linings within the transmission unit, the linings in these torque converters have been upgraded.

Early attention by an automatic gearbox specialist to seemingly minor niggles can prevent serious gearbox failure. For Range Rover auto gearbox repair, book your vehicle into the gearbox specialists, Stephens Engineering.


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