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Mercedes A Class Gearbox Repair

Mercedes A Class Gearbox Repair

The automatic transmission specialists at Stephens Engineering recent carried a Mercedes A Class gearbox repair. The 2015 Mercedes A Class was brought into the Stephens Engineering workshop. Both the Mercedes A Class and the Mercedes B Class now use a dual clutch automatic gearbox. During the last month, we have seen several vehicles with total drive failure.

We have over 50 years of automatic gearbox experience. In our extensive experience, this particular dual clutch automatic gearbox in the Mercedes A Class have a life span of only 50,000 miles.

New parts for the dual clutch automatic gearbox from Mercedes were fitted to the A Class gearbox. The new Mercedes parts should ensure that the 2015 Mercedes A Class gearbox is now more resilient to failure.

After fitting the new parts to the automatic gearbox, the Mercedes A Class fault codes were checked, followed by the fitting of a new gearbox filter and transmission fluid.

To ensure the Mercedes A Class gearbox repair was successful, a long road test was undertaken.

Contact the automatic gearbox specialists at Stephens Engineering for reliable and accurate fault finding and automatic gearbox repair.

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