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2012 Nissan Micra Gearbox Repair

2012 Nissan Micra Gearbox Repair

The automatic gearbox repair specialists at Stephens Engineering carried out a 2012 Nissan Micra gearbox repair in the workshop.

The 2012 Nissan Micra was brought into the Stephens Engineering workshop, the Nissan Micra had lost drive completely. The first thing to do before the 2012 Nissan Micra gearbox repair could be completed was for the transmission unit to be removed and dismantled. Inspection of the Nissan Micra transmission revealed that the inside of the Nissan Micra transmission was  contaminated with a mixture of automatic fluid and antifreeze.  The transmission contamination was traced to the gearbox oil cooler which in the Nissan Micra is located at the bottom of the radiator and when the transmission becomes hot, the solution turns to steam.

For a vehicle gearbox, this is the worst type of transmission contamination as it attacks the bonding of the friction plates in both the gearbox and also the torque converter.  All the damaged and marked components were replaced, the friction plates and solenoids were marked and damaged and subsequently replaced.  The Nissan Micra transmission was re-fitted, complete with a new radiator.  To ensure all contaminants were removed from the transmission unit, all cooler pipes were flushed through with hot fluid.

The Nissan Micra four speed transmission is quite a strong transmission unit however the Micra gearbox function had been compromised by the water. The Nissan Micra underwent a long road test and all was well, confirming that the 2012 Nissan Micra gearbox repair had been successful. In addition, to ensure that the last traces of moisture had been removed, we confirmed to the customer that we would change the fluid after a thousand miles.

For a 2012 Nissan Micra gearbox repair, contact the gearbox specialists at Stephens Engineering.

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