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Chrysler Grand Voyager Gearbox Repair

Chrysler Grand Voyager Gearbox Repair

The Ware based automatic transmission specialists, Stephens Engineering, recently carried out a Chrysler Grand Voyager gearbox repair.

The Chrysler Grand Voyagers was brought into the workshop with complaints from the owner that the Chrysler was “rough” on the gearbox downshifts and a futher complaint that the Grand Voyager was “noisy” in all forward gears.

The Chrysler Grand Voyager was brought into the workshop and the vehicle was scanned for error codes using our state of the art diagnostic equipment. The Chrysler recorded no transmission fault codes during the scan.  As a result, the Chrysler Grand Voyager transmission was removed and dismantled. On thorough examination in the Stephens Engineering workshop, it was obvious to the experienced automatic transmission specialists that the Chrysler gearbox had previously been overhauled before but crucially, several items had been missed during the earlier Chrysler gearbox overhaul.  The examination of the dismantled Chrysler Grand Voyager gearbox revealed two important gearbox bearings were badly pitted and a gear set spline was 90{dab1f3fba090b27a3a3aaea3dca2e145c63688ab4faea478c9ee7b17c03b0bef} worn through.

The Chrysler Grand Voyager is a six speed automatic and tolerances are fairly critical.  The Chrysler Grand Voyager transmission unit was thoroughly overhauled in the Stephens Engineering workshop and worn and pitted gearbox bearings were placed, as was the worn gear set spline. In addition to fitting the new gearbox parts, new clutches were also fitted and finally, new seals and solenoids were fitted to the Chrysler gearbox.

The Chrysler Grand Voyager transmission was re-installed and adaptions re-set and the Grand Voyager was subjected to a long road test proved all was well again and the Chrysler Grand Voyager gearbox repair had been been successful.

If you need a Chrysler Grand Voyager gearbox repair, contact the transmission specialists, Stephens Engineering, the automatic gearbox experts.

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