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Bentley Gearbox Repair

Bentley Gearbox Repair

Stephens Engineering Bentley Gearbox Repair

The automatic transmission experts at Stephens Engineering carried out a Bentley gearbox repair recently. A 2009 Bentley was brought in the Stephens Engineering workshop with the complaint of a bad whine and also vibration when the Bentley accelerated. The 2009 Bentley is fitted with a  four wheel drive transmission, with the six speed ZF transmission unit.  The customer brought the 2009 Bentley in to ourselves and believed that the  bad whine and vibration whilst the Bentley was under acceleration was due to a problem with the ZF transmission unit. With our years of experience and expertise in repairing automatic transmissions, we were not convinced that the fault did lie with the Bentley ZF transmission unit. Prior to potentially condemning the Bentley’s transmission unit, we carried out several checks and examinations of the Bentley’s transmission unit. After a thorough examination of the Bentley ZF transmission unit, we decided to change all of the Bentley’s gearbox and engine mountings, these were fitted and in addition, the gearbox fluid and the sump filter were also changed. The Bentley was then taken out for a road test to check whether the whine and vibration had been resolved; the road test confirmed that the ZF transmission was not the problem and that we had carried out the Bentley gearbox repair by changing the gearbox and engine mountings, without the need to condemn the ZF transmission unit.

At Stephens Engineering, we deal with all aspects of automatic transmission faults and we’re able to identify the cause quickly.

If your vehicle isn’t running as well as you feel it should, book your vehicle in with Stephens Engineering for our specialist knowledge and expertise.

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