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Range Rover Gearbox Fault Repair

Range Rover Gearbox Fault Repair

The Stephens Engineering workshop regularly undertake a Range Rover gearbox fault repair in their workshop in Ware. With over 50 years experience overhauling and repairing automatic gearboxes, we are an experienced Range Rover gearbox repairer in Ware.

A common issue with earlier Range Rover models is the loss of drive which returns after turning the vehicle off for ten minutes. The loss of drive is a symptom of a problem with the Range Rover automatic transmission. For the Range Rover five speed GM gearbox, the loss of drive is commonly caused by a failure of the clutch lining inside the torque converter. In turn, this causes the faulty plate to grind against the bottom of the torque converter, creating metallic debris within the transmission. The small metal particles stick to both the valve body and the solenoids and this then blocks the valve body and solenoids.

To repair a Range Rover gearbox contaminated by debris after a clutch lining failure, a gearbox overhaul will be necessary. To prevent further contamination and damage, during the gearbox overhaul it is very important that all debris is flushed from the cooler lines. New cooler fluid within the Range Rover transmission unit can sometimes be necessary. To prevent a recurrence of the Range Rover gearbox problem,  the linings inside the torque converter are upgraded. Upgrading the torque converter linings prevents eliminates this  failure caused by metal debris blocking and sticking to the value body.

Book your Range Rover into Stephens Engineering for cost effective and knowledgeable Range Rover gearbox fault repair in Ware.


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