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Porsche Turbo Gearbox Repair

Porsche Turbo Gearbox Repair

The team in the workshop carried a Porsche Turbo gearbox repair to a 2007 Porsche Turbo, the automatic transmission in this Porsche vehicle is manufactured by Mercedes.

The problem reported, was that the Porsche Turbo had no drive. Our mechanics carried out electrical and pressure checks before the Porsche transmission was removed.  After removing the transmission unit, the Porsche gearbox was dismantled and all the transmission parts were thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Upon inspection of the dismantled transmission unit, it was discovered that problem was due to a failure of the oil pump and also the hub of the torque converter. The wear to the Porsche transmission was no unexpected due to the power from the engine and that this vehicle had covered over 190,000 miles.

A complete overhaul of the Porsche transmission was undertaken in our workshop and the torque converter of the Porsche was rebuilt by our team of in-house transmission specialists.

After fitting the overhauled transmission to the Porsche Turbo and fitting the re-built torque converter, the vehicle was taken on a long road test, we always carry out a long road test to ensure the vehicle is running well and that the repair was resolved the problem. The road test confirmed that the Porsche Turbo gearbox repair had been successful and the vehicle was back to it’s original performance.

Experiencing a lack of drive and poor performance from your Porsche? At Stephens Engineering, we are the automatic transmission specialists for Porsche Turbo gearbox repair in Ware contact us to book your vehicle in.




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