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Nissan Automatic Transmission Repair

Nissan Automatic Transmission Repair

At Stephens Engineering, we are the automatic transmission experts.

In the Stephens Engineering workshop, our experienced mechanics are now seeing a number of Nissan Qashqui  and Nissan Jukes requiring our expert attention to rectify their Nissan automatic transmission problems which are also out of the Nissan warranty period.

Both the Nissan Juke and the Nissan Qashqui, have a CVT (Constantly Variable Transmissions) and at Stephens Engineering, we have the expertise and experience to deal with the issues which can arise with CVTs. The bearings within a CVT are subject to high loads and stress and this causes wear, resulting in problems with the automatic transmission. In addition, the drive system of pulleys and drive belt, also create a great deal of heat and strain to all of the engine components.

To help keep your Nissan automatic transmission in good working order, it is advisable to keep the fluid clean and check for leaks, especially in the oil cooler areas.  This type of set up in the Nissan Juke and Nissan Qashqui, with a constantly variable transmission (CVT),  is very popular throughout the modern range of Nissan vehicles.

The Nissan CVT system is efficient and works well. It is also economical as the engine revs are kept low when the vehicle is at a cruising speed. The Nissan CVT unit is light and also reasonably small.

Stephens Engineering Repairs to a Mercedes Automatic Gearbox

Stephens Engineering Repairs to a Mercedes Automatic Gearbox

At Stephens Engineering, you will always find knowledgeable, expert mechanics with the experience to work on your automatic transmission and gearbox. With over fifty years experience, we have the expertise to rebuild the automatic gearbox on both stunning classic vehicles through to repairing the automatic transmission on current modern vehicles.

Just one of the many repairs we have recently undertaken was for a Mercedes automatic gearbox.

We have worked on a number of seven speed auto gearboxes in our workshops recently which all had wear issues within the automatic transmission. Gearbox and engine damage can occur through wear and tear of the gearbox parts; thrust bearings eat into the gear case which if not rectified can cause significant damage to your vehicle’s engine. To rectify this problem, we manufacture our own bronze replacement shims. Each of our bronze shims is bespoke manufactured to fit your gearbox. Drag and judder can sometimes be a problem and to ensure we eliminate any drag and judder, we also fit a performance kit to the torque converter. In our experience, because we manufacture the individual components for each individual vehicle, we often find that the transmission runs smoother because we don’t use ready made ‘off the peg’ components, we manufacture replacement parts within our workshops.

At Stephens Engineering, we not only manufacture bespoke, precision parts for your automatic gearbox, in addition, if during our thorough inspection, we discover any weaknesses within your gearbox, we will carry out the necessary modification work to update and modify your vehicle’s gearbox, giving your transmission exceptional service.

The expert mechanics at Stephens Engineering Don’t let wear and tear to your gearbox cause the catastrophic failure of your engine, let the expert mechanics at Stephens Engineering provide your transmission with our outstanding service.



Stephens Engineering – Automatic Gearbox Specialists

Stephens Engineering – Automatic Gearbox Specialists

The expert mechanics at Stephens Engineering have over 50 years experience of repairing automatic transmissions; your know your automatic gearbox is in safe hands when the Stephens Engineering experts carry out repairs to your vehicle’s automatic gearbox.

We specialise in repairing the automatic gearboxes of classic vehicles and there modern counterparts.

When we work on an automatic transmission, we  don’t just replace the worn parts; replacement bushes and shims are manufactured in our workshop and we made them to fit the individual gearbox’s specification and running requirement.

Stephens Engineering the automatic transmission specialists your car would choose.



BMW Z F 6HP26 automatic transmission rebuild

BMW  Z F 6HP26 Transmission Rebuild
This outstanding 2004 six series BMW recently had it’s BMW automatic transmission rebuild in the Stephens Engineering workshop. At Stephens Engineering, we have over forty years of experience and expertise in dealing with gearbox and transmission problems  With our re-build of this BMW six series transmission, this spectacular six series BMW can continue it’s great charity work.

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We have been in the automatic transmissions business for over 40 years and have gained a reputation for being reliable. We are highly recommended by our current client base and value our customers and their loyalty to us. We offer the best service in the business and always put our customers first. We are a dedicated family business, that believe in great customer service. Our team of engineers, most of which have work with us for over 20 years, carry out all of our automatic transmission work.

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