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Automatic Gearbox Oil Change Servicing

Automatic Gearbox Oil Change Servicing

A hot topic in the Stephens Engineering workshop is the importance of lubrication and automatic gearbox oil change for your automatic vehicle.

All automatic transmissions constantly produce a fine dust which remains within the transmission unit, suspended in the transmission fluid. Over time the metallic dust particles floating in the ATF contaminate the fluid, reducing the lubrication within the transmission unit. These contaminants in the ATF can shorten the working life of your automatic transmission if the transmission fluid isn’t drained out and changed. In addition, because more heat is generated within an automatic transmission and this breaks down and degrades the lubrication quality of the oil.

The Stephens Engineering workshop have carried out automatic gearbox servicing for several different makes and models of automatic vehicles.  We recommend servicing the gearbox at 40,000 miles because all automatic transmissions constantly produce fine dust from the metal components within the transmission unit. The metal particles suspended in the fluid will over time start to break down the oil’s qualities.

Some automatic vehicles have internal filters in the transmission unit you cannot change, however, most of the fine dust particles will be removed with a fluid change.  Lubrication in the transmission can be a problem on some automatic vehicle models. The oil in the Transmission is more than just a lubricant keeping the moving parts operating smoothly. It powers the internal hydraulics system of the transmission unit and keeps the unit cool. The transmission fluid is crucial to the performance of your vehicle, it goes everywhere.

Stephens Engineering are automatic gearbox specialists and we have 50 years experience of servicing, repairing and rebuilding automatic transmissions. In our dedicated auto transmission workshop, we can fully dismantle an automatic transmission to clean or replace internal filters. Casings can be modified within our workshop to ensure the transmission no longer leaks and we manufacture bespoke replacement parts within our workshop.

Over the years automatic gearbox fluid has changed dramatically, most transmission fluids now are fully synthetic. Often there is a requirement for a particular oil blend for optimum performance with special blends for stop-start and c.v.t versions. In our opinion, use the best fluids for your vehicle and change the transmission oil every 40,000 miles or earlier.

For automatic transmission servicing contact Stephens Engineering. We’ll check whether your vehicle needs an automatic gearbox oil change. Book your automatic vehicle into the automatic transmission specialists for automatic transmission servicing your car would choose.

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