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Mercedes “C” Class Automatic Transmission Fault

Mercedes “C” Class Automatic Transmission Fault

Mercedes “C” Class Automatic Transmission Fault Finding at Stephens Engineering

Another vehicle which required the specialist attention of the Stephens Engineering experts was a 2007 Mercedes “C” class.  When this Mercedes vehicle was brought into our workshop, it it had a fault with it’s automatic transmission and was locked in second gear.  A thorough diagnostic scan to the Mercedes automatic transmission unit was carried out by our highly skilled and professional team and the diagnostic scan to the Mercedes  confirmed that the transmission control unit on the vehicle was faulty. On the 2007 Mercedes “C” Class, when the gearbox sump and filter are removed, the gearbox’s valve body which can be removed.  The gearbox sump and filter were removed so that a Mercedes replacement part could be fitted to the vehicle’s automatic gearbox. Once the new part had been fitted to the automatic transmission, it was programmed.  We then checked the transmission fill times for the Mercedes “C” Class and a final road test confirmed all was now well with the vehicle’s automatic transmission.

We are the automatic transmission specialists and use our expertise to fault find and repair your vehicle’s automatic transmission faults. A

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