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Jaguar S Type Solenoid Problem

Jaguar S Type Solenoid Problem

In the Stephens Engineering workshop last week was a 2006 Jaguar S Type 2006 .  The Jaguar was brought in to the workshop because it was running with an intermittent fault. The vehicle was put through a thorough diagnostic scan in the workshop. The diagnostic scan picked the intermittent gearbox fault as possible solenoid problems in the valve body.  To investigate to problem, the gearbox sump was removed, along with the transmission control unit and the complete metatronic  assembly .  We tested the unit on our test test simulator and this showed that there was a problem with the solenoid and also that there was a leak off in pressure within the valve body assembly.   After diagnosing the problem with the Jaguar S Type gearbox, the workshop team fitted new Z.F. components, including the sump filter unit.  Finally, the transmission fluid was re-filled and the Jaguar was already for a test run.The vehicle was subject to a 10 mile test run to check it was running well.

At Stephens Engineering, we’re experts in all aspects of automatic transmission repair and fault finding. If your car has an intermittent problem like this Jaguar, not running or performing as well as it should, book in your vehicle with Stephens Engineering.

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