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BMW 740 Automatic Transmission Faults

BMW 740 Automatic Transmission Faults

Last week in the Stephens Engineering workshop, one of the vehicles brought in for our expert opinion and diagnostic skills was a five year old BMW 740.  This BMW 740 vehicle was brought in to the workshop with a report of transmission faults.  A full and comprehensive diagnostic scan was carried out in the Stephens Engineering workshop by our skilled mechanics and no fault codes were recorded. We then carried out a road test and after running for 10 miles, the shift pattern of the BMW 740 became erratic. Once the vehicle was back in the workshop, a sample of the gearbox oil was taken for a glycol test.  The glycol test confirmed that the transmission fluid had been contaminated and contained an amount of antifreeze fluid. We then removed the automatic transmission and thoroughly overhauled the gearbox, together with the torque converter.

The automatic transmission failure for this BMW 740, was the result of the gearbox intercooler mounted in the engine bay.

The automatic transmission experts at Stephens Engineering are here to repair and overhaul your automatic transmission, whether the fault is intermittent or ongoing. Our knowledge and expertise with automatic transmissions is second to none.


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