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Mercedes B Class Gearbox Repair

Mercedes B Class Gearbox Repair

Mercedes B Class Gearbox Repair by Stephens Engineering

The automatic transmission experts at Stephens Engineering have carried out a Mercedes B Class gearbox repair. The 2009 Mercedes B Class brought in to our Ware workshop, had an automatic transmission fault. One of the common reasons for automatic transmission problems with both Mercedes A Class and Mercedes B Class which have a CVT (continuous variable transmission), is usually caused by an electrical problem.

The control unit for this particular gearbox in the Mercedes B Class is located within the sump and as a result, it is subjected to extreme temperature changes. In addition, small particles of metal can also lead to the control unit being confused. To rectify the fault to the Mercedes B Class gearbox, we replaced the transmission control unit. The transmission control unit of the Mercedes B Class was programmed and reset. The Mercedes B Class gearbox repair was completed with a change of the transmission fluid and filter.

At Stephens Engineering we have many years of experience in dealing with automatic transmission fault finding and repairs, if your vehicle has an automatic transmission fault,  book your vehicle in with Stephens Engineering automatic transmission experts. Contact us today to book in your vehicle with the knowledgeable experts at Stephens Engineering.

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