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Automatic Transmission Repairs – A Week In The Workshop

Automatic Transmission Repairs – A Week in the Workshop

Automatic Transmission Repairs – A Week in the Workshop

Another busy week in the Stephens Engineering workshop in Ware, carrying out automatic transmission repairs to a number of vehicles. With our knowledge and expertise carrying out automatic transmission repairs, we’re highlighting just a few of the vehicles we’ve repaired in our workshop this week:

2001 Ford Galaxy, this vehicle has lost all drive and had the restricted performance fault code. After dismantling the gearbox, all the components were given a thorough inspection and clean, filters were changed and the automatic transmission was refitted with a new dual clutch assembly and after a rigorous road test, the vehicle was running well.

2008 Volkswagen Passat with a DSG (direct sequential gearbox) with a complaint of a whine and intermittent loss of top and reverse gears. On dismantling the gearbox, the dual clutch was discovered to be badly worn, as were the main bearings. After fitting a new clutch, bearing and a thorough clean of the transmission, the Passat was running well.

2005 Lexus G S 300 with a judder on gear change when the engine was hot.  The automatic transmission was removed, dismantled and pressure washed.  All the clutches were replaced with seals and gasket and the solenoids were tested and  changed. All the drums were pressure tested and bushes renewed.  The Lexus automatic gearbox was refitted, together with a rebuilt torque converter. Our road test confirmed that all was back to normal.

Is your vehicle not running as it should, why not let the Stephens Engineering automatic transmission repair experts give your vehicle some motoring TLC. Contact us today to book your vehicle into the workshop.

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