Ford B Max Gearbox Repaired

Volvo XC90 Gearbox Repair

Ford B Max Gearbox Repaired

A 2012 Ford Focus “B” Max was brought into the Stephens Engineering workshop with gearbox problems.  This Ford B Max is fitted with a dry dual clutch sequential transmission and this unit works with a computer, powering two electric drive motors. When this vehicle was test driven, there was a a great deal of bad noise vibration when the vehicle was going into third gear. We carried out a full and thorough diagnostic scan of the vehicle which produced no fault codes. The lack of fault codes confirmed that the problem was a mechanical fault and not the result of an electronics failure. The Ford Focus gearbox was removed and dismantled in the workshop and we found the third gear selector had cracked. As the replacement parts are not yet available, the necessary repairs were carried to the gear selector in our machine shop.  The Ford B Max gearbox was cleaned throughout and refitted with a new dual clutch unit.  After refitting the transmission unit, we carried out a re-learn procedure and undertook a  long road test to check and confirm that the transmission was performing well.

At Stephens Engineering, we are experts at automatic transmission fault finding, electronic and mechanical, with our own specialist in house machine shop.

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