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2013 Mercedes Sprinter Gearbox Repair

BMW 1 Series Gearbox Repair

BMW 1 Series Gearbox Repair

A 2009 BMW 1 series was brought into the workshop with the transmission warning light showing.  We ran a diagnostic check and the diagnostic print out recorded issues with the 4th and 5th gear ratio.

The automatic gearbox of the BMW was removed and stripped down and thoroughly examined.  All the components were noted to all be in satisfactory condition with the exception of the “E” clutch unit. The “E” clutch unit is applied in 4th and 5th gear and on this BMW 1 Series, had a suffered a crack to the drum which was causing a loss of hydraulic pressure. The loss of hydraulic pressure within the unit affected the performance of the vehicle.  The BMW 1 Series gearbox repair started by replacing the drum of the clutch, the bushes were checked and also the hydraulic pressure. All the parts of the automatic gearbox were checked and cleaned and the gearbox was re-assembled. The clutch unit and gearbox were refitted and all the codes had cleared. A long road test was carried out and all faults were gone and the vehicle was running well.

At Stephens Engineering, we can run diagnostic tests to find the fault when you’re transmission warning starts to show and carry out the repairs required. Avoid damage to your engine and let the specialists in automatic transmissions sort out your vehicle’s fault code.

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2013 Mercedes Sprinter Gearbox Repair

Mercedes 500 CL Gearbox Repair

Mercedes 500 CL Gearbox Repair

A Mercedes 500 CL was brought into the Stephens Engineering workshop, the problem was that the Mercedes 500 CL was making a loud whine when in the lower gears.  Our diagnostic testing for this vehicle involved running the vehicle on the lift and this confirmed that the automatic transmission was the problem. The Mercedes 500 CL gearbox repair commenced with the automatic transmission being removed and stripped down for a thorough inspection.

On inspection, we found the planetary gear set had worn through the spacer washers and into the casing.  In our experience, this can sometimes be a problem if the vehicle mainly does short runs out. We would usually fit new bearing thrusts, however, as the Mercedes’ planetary gear set had worn through the planet casing, the complete assembly was replaced, together with a complete overhaul of the automatic gearbox. We up rated the torque converter with new components. After refitting the automatic transmission and torque converter, the vehicle was ready for a test drive. As always, the Mercedes 500 CL was given a long run and we ran a series of final checks which all confirmed that the Mercedes 500 CL gearbox repair had been successful and that the vehicle was running well.

If your Mercedes 500 CL is making a loud whine when running through the lower gears, the planetary gear set could be worn, prevent further possible damage to your automatic transmission and engine, bring your vehicle to the automatic transmission specialists at Stephens Engineering.

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2003 CLK Mercedes gearbox repair

Nissan Juke Gearbox Repair

Nissan Juke Gearbox Repair

A 2011 Nissan Juke was brought with a fault, the vehicle was juddering and stalling. During the automatic transmission diagnostic fault finding, we found that no trouble codes had been stored,  so the Nissan Juke’s sump was removed for further inspection. Particles of metal were found to be present in the fluid in the sump, this indicate that the Nissan Juke automatic transmission needed to be removed.

The automatic gearbox was completely stripped and the torque converter was also cut open for repair.

As automatic transmission specialists, we have encountered a number of faults with this type of continuously variable transmission (CVT) previously. The faulty parts were replaced and a number of modifications were made. Once we had overhauled both the automatic transmission and the torque converter, we refitted them. Best the test run, the cooling system was thoroughly flushed through to remove all the metal particles in the lines.

The Nissan Juke gearbox repair was complete and after carrying out a long road test, we noted that the vehicle was running well without stalling and juddering.

Stephens Engineering have many years experience in rectifying and repairing automatic transmission faults. If you’re experiencing problems with your vehicle’s automatic transmission why put up with your vehicle juddering and stalling? Contact the automatic gearbox specialists at Stephens Engineering to bring back the pleasure in driving your vehicle.


Ford Focus Gearbox Repair

Automatic Transmission Repair – Satisfied Customers

 Automatic Transmission Repairs by Stephens Engineering

At Stephens Engineering, we care about our customers and their cars. Our fully trained and experienced mechanics are experts in automatic gearbox fault finding and automatic transmission repairs. Read our testimonials to see what one of our satisfied customers had to say about us and our service.

“I just wanted to say thankyou to all of you at Stephens Engineering for your skills, knowledge and service. Best 800 quid i have spent all year.

You avoided me having to scrap the car.

In the 26 years of being a car owner i have never felt so compelled to say thankyou.”

When a vehicle with a suspected automatic gearbox fault is brought in to our workshop, we carry out a detailed automatic transmission diagnostic. Our experience and knowledge enables us to repair your automatic transmission and we have the experience and knowledge to identify to causes and it is not always the transmission that it causing the problem. We carry out a long road test to check the fault has been rectified before your vehicle is handed back to you.

When you choose Stephens Engineering, you know your car is in safe and experienced hands.
Does your car have automatic transmission problems, is your vehicle not running as smoothly as you’d like? Book your car in to the Stephens Engineering workshop today.
bentley gearbox repair

Nissan X-Trail Gearbox Whine

Nissan X-Trail Gearbox Whine

In the Stephens Engineering workshop we looked at Nissan X-Trail gearbox whine.  This vehicle was referred to us by a local garage, reporting a whine noise from the automatic gearbox or transfer case.  At Stephens Engineering, we specialise in resolving and repairing faults to automatic transmission that are difficult pinpoint.

Part of our diagnostic procedure for this Nissan X-Trail, was to take the vehicle on a long drive in, during which time several test procedures are carried out to locate the fault. With our years of experience, in the workshop, we were not convinced the Nissan X-Trail gearbox whine was in fact related to the automatic transmission and on the vehicle lift,  it was hard to pin-point the fault as there is no load being applied.

With our years of experience, in our opinion, this was a problem with the off side front wheel bearing. Nissan X-Trail front wheel bearing was stripped down and fully inspected. The hub on a Nissan X-Trail comes as one part, complete with bearings and this was fitted and a further road test carried and the Stephens Engineering diagnosis proved to be correct; there was no fault with the automatic transmission, the problem was a wheel bearing.

Our expertise and experience ensured the correct repair was carried out and we have a happy customer who thought he was have to re-build the automatic transmission on his Nissan X-Trail.

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Volvo XC90 Gearbox Repair

Automatic Transmission Repairs – A week in the Workshop

Automatic Transmission Repairs – A week in the Workshop

Each week brings us a different challenge and this week the automatic transmission specialists at Stephens Engineering have been busy repairing automatic gearboxes and fault finding. We have carried out a number of automatic transmission repairs this week and here is a snapshot of what we see in our workshop:

2011 Mercedes Sprinter van with a loss of drive, the transmission required a complete overhaul after we discovered water had leaked from radiator into the gearbox.

2005 Nissan X-Trail, this vehicle was referred to us from a local garage with a whine from the automatic gearbox or transfer case.  We weren’t convinced that automatic transmission repairs were needed and this fault was found to be a front wheel bear which we replaced, saving our customer the cost and inconvenience of a complete automatic transmission rebuild.

Mercedes 500 cl with a loud whine in the lower gears.  We stripped down and completely overhauled the gearbox, replacing the worn and damaged parts.

2011 Nissan Juke,  this vehicle was juddering and stalling.  We carried out a diagnostic text, after removing the sump discovered metal particles. Automatic transmission repairs were needed so the automatic transmission was removed and overhauled.

This week, we have carried automatic transmission repairs to a number of different models vehicles and also repaired faults that were unrelated to the automatic gearbox. When you bring your vehicle to Stephens Engineering, you’re bringing your vehicle to the automatic transmission specialists in Ware.

Contact us to book your vehicle in with Stephens Engineering.

2003 CLK Mercedes gearbox repair

Mini Cooper Intermittent Limp Mode

Mini Cooper Intermittent Limp Mode

A 2005 Mini Cooper was brought into the Stephens Engineering workshop with an intermittent limp mode problem. The fault was intermittent and only apparent when the Mini Cooper was pulling away from rest or going around a roundabout.  This problem, whilst intermittent, was the result of a permanent fault which appeared to be within the wiring of the automatic transmission. In the workshop, the sump was removed from the Mini Cooper automatic transmission and continuity checks were carried out between the transmission control unit and the solenoid on the valve body inside the Mini’s automatic gearbox. It was suspected that there was one wire going to ground somewhere within the vehicle’s loom. The Mini’s automatic transmission was stripped back and the faulty wire was located and replaced. We also installed a new filter and replaced the oil. Only then did we carry out a full road test which confirmed all the  faults were cured.

At Stephens Engineering we have over 40 years of automatic transmission fault finding, with our vast knowledge of automatic gearbox faults, we can locate the problem, even when the issue is an intermittent fault.

If your vehicle has an intermittent fault, why not book in with Stephens Engineering and let us get to fault cause and rectify it for you.