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VW Golf gearbox repair

Ford B Max Gearbox Repair

Ford B Max Gearbox Repair

As Stephens Engineering are experts in automatic transmission fault finding and automatic gearbox repairs, we see an array of different vehicles with automatic transmission problems. We use our knowledge and expertise, combined with the best diagnostic tools to fault find and repair the automatic transmission on the vehicles brought into our workshop.

A 2011 Ford B Max was brought into the Stephens Engineering workshop for investigation and repair.  The problem was recorded that this 2011 Ford B Max had a violent shift and noise when changing into third gear.  This model of vehicle is fitted with the latest dual-clutch sequential shift transmission.  The transmission was removed and thoroughly inspected and on inspection,  we found that the selector fork mechanism  within the transmission had failed.  After locating the cause of the gearbox failure, the gearbox was repaired and re-fitted with a new dual clutch.  Finally, a re-learn procedure was carried out and then the vehicle was ready for a final road test.  The vehicle was road tested  was now driving fine.

At Stephens Engineering, we have experience of working with automatic transmissions for over 40 years. Contact us to arrange booking your car in to be seen by our highly skilled team.

Vauxhall Astra Semi Automatic Gearbox Problem

Vauxhall Astra Semi Automatic Gearbox Problem

We seen a 2005 Vauxhall  Astra in the Stephens Engineering workshop which was fitted with a semi automatic gearbox.  This Vauxhall Astra was brought in to the Stephens Engineering workshop with an “F” mode fault code and was non-starting.  We carried out a diagnostic scan to the vehicle and this scan showed that there was a clutch position error.  We undertook further diagnostics  and this confirmed that there was an intermittent fault in the clutch actuator unit. We removed the clutch actuator unit of the Vauxhall Astra and an exchange unit fitted.  We then removed and cleaned the second actuator on the gearbox, it was then lubricated and re-fitted to the gearbox.  The vehicle was then taken through a re-learn procedure and to ensure the automatic transmission was performing as to be expected, the Astra was taken out for a run and given a long road test.  The fault had been rectified and the vehicle tested all o.k.

If your car is not running as well as you’d like and you have a problem with your vehicle’s automatic transmission, why not bring your vehicle to Stephens Engineering experts.

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Volvo XC90 Gearbox Repair

Automatic Transmission Repair Specialists – A Week in the Workshop

Automatic Transmission Repair Specialists – A Week in the Workshop

It’s been another busy and interesting week fault finding and repairing automatic gearboxes in the Stephens Engineering workshop. This week’s brief snapshot of a week in the Stephens Engineering workshop highlights just a few of the vehicles we have worked on with automatic transmission faults:

A 2009 Range Rover Vogue with a “slip and jerk” on a very light throttle when in traffic with no fault codes on the scan, however, we discovered the cause of the problem for the Range Rover Vogue, after dismantling the transmission, pressure leaks were found in the clutch drum. We repaired the automatic transmission and the vehicle is now running well.

A 2012 Nissan Qashqai with a whine through all the gear speeds was brought in to the workshop. On dismantling the automatic gearbox, we found the bearings on the main and input shafts had lost their case hardening, the oil cooler pipe had been leaking and a lack of lubrication may have caused the bearing failure.  The bearings and shaft were replaced and the transmission refitted and all was well.

A 2012 Ford Focus “B” Max 2012  came in with bad noise vibration going into third gear.  A diagnostic scan of the vehicle produced no fault codes, confirming this was a mechanical fault, not an electronics failure.  The gearbox was repaired and cleaned throughout and refitted with a new dual clutch unit and the transmission is now performing well.

A Vauxhall Omega was brought in, stuck in limp mode.  An oil sample was taken and it confirmed there water content in the transmission fluid, thorough examination revealed the breather pipe had split and allowed water ingress into the gearbox.  The complete gearbox and torque converter were fully overhauled and after replacing the damaged parts, everything was running correctly.

A 2005 Mini Cooper was bought in with a limp mode problem, this was a permanent fault which appeared to be in the wiring. This was stripped back and the faulty wire replaced.  A new filter and oil were installed and all faults were cured.

Read more on our testimonials about our automatic transmission repair.


Land rover freelander gearbox repair

Jaguar S Type Solenoid Problem

In the Stephens Engineering workshop last week was a 2006 Jaguar S Type 2006 .  The Jaguar was brought in to the workshop because it was running with an intermittent fault. The vehicle was put through a thorough diagnostic scan in the workshop. The diagnostic scan picked the intermittent gearbox fault as possible solenoid problems in the valve body.  To investigate to problem, the gearbox sump was removed, along with the transmission control unit and the complete metatronic  assembly .  We tested the unit on our test test simulator and this showed that there was a problem with the solenoid and also that there was a leak off in pressure within the valve body assembly.   After diagnosing the problem with the Jaguar S Type gearbox, the workshop team fitted new Z.F. components, including the sump filter unit.  Finally, the transmission fluid was re-filled and the Jaguar was already for a test run.The vehicle was subject to a 10 mile test run to check it was running well.

At Stephens Engineering, we’re experts in all aspects of automatic transmission repair and fault finding. If your car has an intermittent problem like this Jaguar, not running or performing as well as it should, book in your vehicle with Stephens Engineering.

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mini cooper gearbox repair

Mercedes “C” Class Automatic Transmission Fault

Mercedes “C” Class Automatic Transmission Fault Finding at Stephens Engineering

Another vehicle which required the specialist attention of the Stephens Engineering experts was a 2007 Mercedes “C” class.  When this Mercedes vehicle was brought into our workshop, it it had a fault with it’s automatic transmission and was locked in second gear.  A thorough diagnostic scan to the Mercedes automatic transmission unit was carried out by our highly skilled and professional team and the diagnostic scan to the Mercedes  confirmed that the transmission control unit on the vehicle was faulty. On the 2007 Mercedes “C” Class, when the gearbox sump and filter are removed, the gearbox’s valve body which can be removed.  The gearbox sump and filter were removed so that a Mercedes replacement part could be fitted to the vehicle’s automatic gearbox. Once the new part had been fitted to the automatic transmission, it was programmed.  We then checked the transmission fill times for the Mercedes “C” Class and a final road test confirmed all was now well with the vehicle’s automatic transmission.

We are the automatic transmission specialists and use our expertise to fault find and repair your vehicle’s automatic transmission faults. A

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BMW 740 Automatic Transmission Faults

BMW 740 Automatic Transmission Faults

Last week in the Stephens Engineering workshop, one of the vehicles brought in for our expert opinion and diagnostic skills was a five year old BMW 740.  This BMW 740 vehicle was brought in to the workshop with a report of transmission faults.  A full and comprehensive diagnostic scan was carried out in the Stephens Engineering workshop by our skilled mechanics and no fault codes were recorded. We then carried out a road test and after running for 10 miles, the shift pattern of the BMW 740 became erratic. Once the vehicle was back in the workshop, a sample of the gearbox oil was taken for a glycol test.  The glycol test confirmed that the transmission fluid had been contaminated and contained an amount of antifreeze fluid. We then removed the automatic transmission and thoroughly overhauled the gearbox, together with the torque converter.

The automatic transmission failure for this BMW 740, was the result of the gearbox intercooler mounted in the engine bay.

The automatic transmission experts at Stephens Engineering are here to repair and overhaul your automatic transmission, whether the fault is intermittent or ongoing. Our knowledge and expertise with automatic transmissions is second to none.