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Renault Automatic Transmission Repair

Renault Automatic Transmission Repair


Virtually all small to medium sized Renault vehicles with an automatic transmission use the tried and tested DPO unit.

The DPO unit was used extensively throughout the Renault range.  The advantage of a Renault automatic transmission, with the DPO unit, is it’s light construction and reliability with four speeds and a lock up converter system.

The main problem for the Renault automatic transmission DPO unit are with the valve body and solenoid failure, the sensor can go into ‘safe mode’ when the temperature of the gear oil is low.  In the older Renault vehicles, set-ups the solenoids were simply switched on or off but now because of the ongoing search for economy, the solenoids with the DPO unit are pulsed through a duty cycle which causes a early wear in this system and possible problems.  Although design of the solenoid has changed, it has done little to cure this problem.  Whilst this Renault DPO unit was never the smoothest in the world, this is set against the fact that it is relatively cheap to repair as this Renault automatic transmission has no built in computer which the newer Renault models have.

At Stephens Engineering, we are automatic transmission repair specialists, if your Renault vehicle has a DPO unit automatic transmission in need of attention, the experts at Stephens Engineering are here to help.


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