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Fault Finding and Repairs for Automatic Gearboxes

With the vast number of cars on the road, they have long been an invaluable asset that people rely on to carry out their daily routines. Therefore should you acquire a fault with your vehicle that requires a repair, it is likely to be an unwanted inconvenience that can cause endless amounts of frustration. Fortunately, we at Stephens Engineering specialise in the repair of automatic gearboxes and endeavour to complete all work in the shortest possible time frame to ease the hassle on your part.

The first task our experienced engineers will undertake is the finding of the fault. Taking the time to conduct a thorough diagnosis of your vehicle and its gearbox will save time in the long run as we will have a clear idea of what the problem is and will then be able to put a plan of action in place to complete a successful repair.

Automatic gearboxes can encounter various problems during their lifetime and can be easily identified if your vehicle is not staying in gear or if there is a delay or harsh movement when it comes to changing gear. Any problem should be acted upon at the earliest opportunity as you could see yourself faced with higher repair costs further downthe line if they are left to progress.

From replacing worn or damaged parts within the automatic transmission through to the adjustment of the external controls or complete refit of a new automatic gearbox, you can rest assured that our fully equipped workshop will have all the tools and materials we are going to need to complete the job.

Bringing your car to our garage here at Stephens Engineering will see our team of mechanics carry out initial tests on all automatic gearboxes, before completing the required repair work to the highest of standards to get you back behind the wheel of a fully functional vehicle.

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