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Where to Find Reliable Automatic Gearbox Specialists

When you own an automatic car, you have taken the decision to drive with ease and confidence. An automatic car is a symbol of your desire for comfort, something we all appreciate. Because your car is so important to you, you must ensure the gearbox is checked regularly by a qualified specialist. At Stephens Engineering, we offer a service that leaves our competitors half way around the track, whilst we are at the finishing line. For the leaders in automatic gearbox specialists, contact us today.

We have been in operation since 1968, with most of our staff having been with the company for over 20 years. In this time we have built a reputation that is second to none; our ability to deliver fantastic customer service and quality workmanship proves this.

Having recently installed 2 test and simulator machines, we are now more equipped than ever to diagnose any possible problems with your automatic gearbox. The machines themselves are advanced equipment capable of running your automatic gearboxes under road conditions, to pinpoint possible weaknesses at the time, and more importantly, in the near future.

We are proud to have been recommended by motoring expert and Daily Telegraph columnist, ‘Honest John’. Having been in the business of motoring since 1959, it’s safe to say he knows high quality of customer service and workmanship when he sees it.

Our team of qualified, friendly and experienced staff are always available to offer you knowledgeable advice, should you need us for anything related to the running and efficiency of your automatic gearbox. Count on us to deliver our infamous specialist repair and fault finding service every time.

When you need a specialist in automatic gearboxes, look no further than Stephen’s Engineering. We are proud to be the best in the business and are always striving to improve our knowledge. We take our job role very seriously and are constantly adapting the way we work to suit the ever-changing automatic car industry, so no matter how old or new your car is, we can help and advise you. For trusted automatic gearbox specialists, get in touch with us.

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