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Lexus G S 300 Gearbox

Lexus G S 300 Gearbox

Lexus G S 300 Gearbox

A 2005 Lexus G S 300 was brought into the Stephens Engineering Automatics workshop needing an automatic gearbox repair.  The Lexus  had a judder during gear change when hot.  The Lexus G S 300 gearbox is a six speed, rear wheel drive transmission. The gearbox was  fully inspected in the Stephens Engineering workshop and the gearbox pressure was found to be low and the transmission fluid has started to discolour. The vehicle had covered over a hundred and thirty  thousand miles and was in need of some serious TLC.

The automatic transmission was removed from the Lexus, dismantled and then pressure washed.  All the clutches were replaced with seals and gaskets and the solenoids were checked, tested and then changed. To complete the TLC from the experts at Stephens Engineering, all the drums were pressure tested and bushes renewed.  The Lexus G S 300 gearbox was then refitted, together with a rebuilt torque converter.

The Lexus was taken out for a long road test to check that it was running well, on the road test, no faults were noted and all was back to normal and the Lexus was running well.

At Stephens Engineering Automatics, we are automatic transmission experts with over 40 years experience. We use our knowledge and experience combined with the latest diagnostic tools to repair the automatic transmission faults that are brought into the workshop.

Contact us today to book your vehicle in for specialist attention from the automatic transmission specialists at Stephens Engineering.

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