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Jaguar Automatic Gearbox Repair

Jaguar Automatic Gearbox Repair

Stephens Engineering are Jaguar automatic gearbox repair specialists. Repairing automatic transmissions for over 50 years.

Stephens Engineering are experienced and knowledgeable Jaguar automatic transmission specialists. We see many vehicles in our workshop and can quickly recognise or diagnose automatic gearbox faults. Common signs of a problem with your Jaguar transmission are:

  • Difficulties when changing gear
  • Problems accelerating in certain gears
  • Grinding or clunking noises coming from the gearbox
  • Transmission fluid leakage
  • A burning smell coming from the gearbox
  • Check engine light
  • Fault codes

Stephens Engineering are automatic transmission repair specialists, if you notice any of these issues, contact Stephens Engineering. Early remedial action can prevent more costly repairs or the complete failure of the transmission unit. In the Stephens Engineering workshop, we carry out automatic gearbox repairs and automatic gearbox servicing. Whether you’ve noticed a particular problem and need a Jaguar automatic transmission specialist or want to service your Jaguar transmission as a preventative measure, contact the Jaguar transmission specialists at Stephens Engineering for a trusted Jaguar automatic gearbox repair.


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