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BMW Transmission Repair

BMW Transmission Repair

Stephens Engineering are automatic gearbox repair specialists and here are just some of the problems we see needing a BMW transmission repair :

Grinding Gears

The automatic transmission is designed for smooth shifting between the gears. If there is a grinding or shaking between gear shifts, this needs to be looked at as soon as it starts. Grinding gears are a symptom of possible transmission failure. Over time the problem will worsen and become more costly to repair.

Slipping Gears

Slipping gears can be a result of a number of different issues within the BMW transmission unit. Gears can slip due to wear and tear over time causing them not to engage and slip out of sync as worn gears cannot properly link together.

Low transmission fluid levels or transmission fluid leaks can also cause gears to slip.

A malfunction within the BMW computer can prevent the vehicle shifting from gear to gear properly.

No response when in gear

This can again be due to an issue with the BMW’s computer system.

Whining or clunking noises from the BMW transmission

Unusual noises such as whinging, clunking or humming that suddenly start need investigation as a potential sign of transmission issues.

Over time, transmission fluid can break down and get dirty. Dirty transmission oil results in less lubrication and more wear as the components grind against each other. The noises within the transmission are the result of the friction. The worn parts will need to be replaced and possibly new fluid.

Stephens Engineering are automatic gearbox specialists in Ware. As ZF Pro Tech Plus members, we repair and service the BMW ZF gearbox within our workshop. When you notice a change in performance or unusual noises, taking early action can prevent an expensive transmission failure. At Stephens Engineering, we can diagnose faults and take remedial action to keep your BMW transmission running smoothly.

For BMW transmission repair by a ZF Pro Tech Plus member, contact Stephens Engineering.

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