Range Rover Vogue Automatic Transmission Fault Repaired

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Range Rover Vogue Automatic Transmission Fault Repaired

We had a 2009 Range Rover Vogue brought in to the Stephens Engineering workshop for our expert service. The vehicle was reported to have a slip and jerk on a very light throttle, when the Range Rover Vogue was driven normally, there were no faults present.  To replicate the fault and ascertain its cause, the vehicle was taken for a ten mile test drive and the reported problem only occurred twice.  When the vehicle was diagnostically scanned there were no fault codes present. The automatic transmission was removed and dismantled in the Stephens Engineering Workshop and pressure checks undertaken which found leakage in the clutch drum when it was hot. Whilst this was a minor problem,  it was enough to cause a slip on light throttle application in traffic in the Range Rover Vogue under investigation.  We replaced the clutch drum and fitted all new bushes throughout the Range Rover Vogue automatic transmission unit.  As the Range Rover Vogue automatic transmission was reassembled, a reconditioned torque converter was fitted.  A thorough road test was carried out at all driving conditions and all faults were no longer present.

At Stephens Engineering,  we are the automatic transmission experts, so if your vehicle has an intermittent fault or a ‘niggle’ when driving, why not book in your vehicle so that we can remedy the problem. In the Stephens Engineering workshop, your automatic transmission is in expert hands.

Contact us to arrange booking in your vehicle.

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