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Mercedes 220 Cdi Gearbox Repair

The automatic transmission specialists at Stephens Engineering recently carried out a Mercedes 220 Cdi gearbox repair. The Mercedes 220 Cdi was brought into our specialist workshop with the complaint of a rattle from the Mercedes transmission unit when under hard acceleration. The 2013 Mercedes 220 Cdi has a seven speed automatic gearbox.

The Mercedes 220 Cdi was thoroughly checked for anything that might have worked loose or be vibrating within the engine as the Mercedes engine had been repaired previously.

Only when we were sure that the rattle from the Mercedes transmission unit was internal, was the Mercedes 220 Cdi automatic transmission removed.  We removed the Mercedes gearbox sump and after inspection and examination of the gearbox sump, there did not appear to be anything wrong inside the Mercedes gearbox sump.

Next, the Mercedes torque converter was cut open and inspected, the Mercedes torque converters have balance weights fitted internally because of the stop-start technology. Examination of the torque converter revealed that the internal balance weights had worn and the wear to the torque converters’ balance weights resulted in excessive movement within the torque converter. To rectify the Mercedes’ gearbox rattle,  we fitted one of our rebuilt units to the gearbox and then refitted the Mercedes automatic gearbox.

It is crucial for ‘stop-start’ vehicles, such as the Mercedes 220 Cdi, that the correct fluid is used.  The Mercedes was subjected to a long road test which confirmed our fault diagnosis was correct and the Mercedes 220 Cdi gearbox repair had been successful and the vehicle was running now normally without the rattle on hard acceleration.

If your Mercedes 220 Cdi has a rattle during hard acceleration, book your vehicle into the Stephens Engineering workshop and let the automatic transmission experts repair your Mercedes automatic transmission.

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