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Automatic Transmission Repairs – A Week In The Workshop

Automatic Transmission Repairs – A week in the Workshop

Automatic Transmission Repairs in Ware – A week in the Workshop

As you’d expect from the automatic transmission specialists, we’ve been extremely busy with automatic transmission repairs in our Ware workshop. This week’s snapshot highlights three different vehicles which were brought into the Stephens Engineering workshop with gearbox issues. With our knowledge and experience, were we able to carry our automatic transmissions repairs and yet these vehicles back on the road, running well.

2008 Chrysler Voyager – we carried automatic transmission repairs to a Chrysler Voyager which was brought in with very little drive. Common to the diesel model is a failure of the torque converter. The gearbox was stripped down in our workshop and both the torque converter and the automatic gearbox were overhauled, with a new condenser radiator being fitted.

2009 BMW 1 Series – was brought in with the transmission warning light showing. We ran a diagnostic test which picked up a problem with the 4th and 5th gear ratio. When the automatic gearbox was removed and stripped down, a crack was found in the clutch drum. We replaced the drum and checked the hydraulic pressure and once all the parts of the gearbox had been cleaned refitted the automatic transmission unit and cleared the fault codes.

Mercedes Ambulance – as you would expect, we gave his emergency vehicle priority to ensure it was back on the road to continue it’s good work with the St John’s Ambulance as soon as possible. Brought in with hardly any drive, the automatic transmission was completely worn out due to the hard work it had been given to do. We’re able to turn around repairs on this type of vehicle quickly as we keep sub-units and parts in stock. After overhauling the transmission, the vehicle was still under powered and further checked found the exhaust diesel particulate filter unit was severely blocked, this unit was removed and refurbished by a local specialist.

And finally, it was great to receive an email from a customer this week expressing his thanks that’s we’d carried out automatic transmission repairs to his vehicle that prevented his vehicle being scrapped. You can read his email on our testimonials page.

At Stephens Engineering, we use our extensive knowledge and expensive to carry out automatic transmission repairs so you can keep motoring.

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