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mini cooper gearbox repair

Mini Cooper Gearbox Repair

A Mini Cooper gearbox repair was recently carried out by Ware automatic gearbox repair specialists at Stephens Engineering.

The 2003 Mini Cooper was brought into the workshop with a complaint that the Mini Cooper had a very noisy transmission and also, there was a delay in engaging the forward gears. The 2003 Mini Cooper has a C.V.T. which is a constantly variable transmission.

In our experience, the Mini Cooper CVT transmission works extremely hard and the bearings and drum are often found to wear considerably as a result of the drive belt tension. With the Mini Cooper CVT transmission unit, as it wears over time, the Mini gearbox requires careful inspection of all moving parts with the CVT transmission unit.  When we remove and dismantle the Mini Cooper automatic transmission, we often find that it is necessary to replace most of the  moving parts due to the work of this little unit.

Common problems with the Mini Cooper CVT transmission are wear and failure of the drums, the drive chain and all bearings within the Mini Cooper gearbox, as was the case with this 2003 Mini Cooper gearbox repair.

The Mini Cooper gearbox was refitted, after re-assembly and replacement of the worn drums, drive chain and bearings.

To ensure smooth running of the repaired Mini Cooper gearbox, it is crucial to set the vehicle adaptations to its control unit and finally a long road test allows the vehicle to finish its relearning procedure and confirmed that the Mini Cooper gearbox repair had been completed successfully and the vehicle was running smoothly again.

Does your Mini Cooper have a noisy transmission? Are you experiencing a delay in your Mini Cooper engaging forward gears? Book your Mini Cooper into Stephens Engineering, the automatic transmission specialists in Ware and return to smooth motoring.

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Mini Cooper Intermittent Limp Mode

Mini Cooper Intermittent Limp Mode

A 2005 Mini Cooper was brought into the Stephens Engineering workshop with an intermittent limp mode problem. The fault was intermittent and only apparent when the Mini Cooper was pulling away from rest or going around a roundabout.  This problem, whilst intermittent, was the result of a permanent fault which appeared to be within the wiring of the automatic transmission. In the workshop, the sump was removed from the Mini Cooper automatic transmission and continuity checks were carried out between the transmission control unit and the solenoid on the valve body inside the Mini’s automatic gearbox. It was suspected that there was one wire going to ground somewhere within the vehicle’s loom. The Mini’s automatic transmission was stripped back and the faulty wire was located and replaced. We also installed a new filter and replaced the oil. Only then did we carry out a full road test which confirmed all the  faults were cured.

At Stephens Engineering we have over 40 years of automatic transmission fault finding, with our vast knowledge of automatic gearbox faults, we can locate the problem, even when the issue is an intermittent fault.

If your vehicle has an intermittent fault, why not book in with Stephens Engineering and let us get to fault cause and rectify it for you.