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Audi Q5 Gearbox Repair

Audi Q5 Gearbox Repair

A 2010 Audi Q5 gearbox repair was carried out recently by the team at automatic transmission specialists, in the Stephens Engineering workshop.

The Audi Q5 was brought into the workshop with a complaint from the customer that the gearbox changes were rough and had a judder. A full diagnostic scan was carried and the code for the clutch temperature was present which indicate a problem with either the dual clutch unit or with the transmission control assembly. Further diagnostics tests were carried out in the workshop which pointed to an issue within the Audi Q5 transmission control assembly. The Q5 transmission control assembly was removed and modified parts fitted the assembly. In addition, fresh fluid was pumped into the unit and all codes and adaptions were reset.

The Audi Q5 was then taken on a long road test to check that there was no judder and that theĀ  Q5 gear changes were smooth. The road test confirmed that the Audi Q5 gearbox repair had been successful, with no judder on changing gear and the gear changes were smooth.

Juddering, rough gear changes from your Audi Q5? Book your Q5 into Stephen Engineering; we have over 40 years experience in automatic transmission fault finding and repair.


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