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BMW Z F 6HP26 Transmission Rebuild
This outstanding 2004 six series BMW recently had it’s automatic transmission rebuilt in the Stephens Engineering workshop. At Stephens Engineering, we have over forty years of experience and expertise in dealing with automatic gearbox and transmission problems With our re-build of this BMW six series auto transmission, this spectacular six series BMW can continue it’s great charity work.
The Z F 6HP26 automatic transmission was commonly used for the six series BMW from 2004 onwards and whilst this is a well constructed transmission unit, even the most well constructed transmission unit will experience problems as result of high mileage by the vehicle.
When we inspected the engine of the six series BMW, our specialist workshop found slip and judder in the Z F 6HP26 transmission unit which was the result of bush wear. In the Stephens Engineering specialist workshop, we handcrafted replacement bushes for the Z F 6HP26 automatic transmission unit. We manufacture replacement bushes in our own workshop and because each bush is handcrafted and manufactured to fit each individual engine we work on, the result is that the new replacement bushes in the transmission unit are stronger and have a more accurate running fit than the original bushes. Our handcrafted replacement bushes for this Z F 6HP26 transmission give little or no leak off because when we manufacture the replacement transmission bushes, they are made to fit the turning component. The leak off issues of the valve body assembly are eliminated by performance kits.


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